Top 10 best wireless routers for games in 2017 and # 8211, reviews and tips for insiders

When it comes to games, the faster the better. Thus, with streaming games and playing on the net with other players, the best wireless router will go a long way. These are the top 10 best wireless routers, for games, fewer breaks and the fastest speed for games in 2017 that you most like to play.


9. Net Gear N 450


2.4 Ghz has high power, and up to 340 Mbps allows Download and send more, without interruptions. It supports at once 8 and 4 upstream users, which means that you can easily connect to others and play online without having to worry about slowing down the traffic with a lot of people on the Internet.

8. Asus Rt 66U

With three detachable antennas, you can improve maximum performance when more people are playing on the same network. 450 Mbit / s, supports connection to the Ethernet network and works with most cable providers. For minimal breaks and fast speeds, this easy-to-use router is a great option for gaming.

7. Clear Hub Express

It’s easy to set up in minutes, without installation, just plug it in and you’re ready to play. Thanks to the 4MHz point, with built-in Wi-Fi hubs, clear coverage and high-speed connectivity, you do not have to worry about the others getting into your network and slowing down. Full security and online protection make this choice an excellent choice for a quick and quick step.

6. Net Gear Night hawk

Up to 2.3 Gbps, tri band wi fi provides a higher data rate. 6 high-performance antennas provide the fastest speeds, as well as maximum range amplifiers, which will help improve the gameplay on the Internet. An intelligent connection will determine your use of Wi-Fi, so you will get the maximum speed and maximum speed every time you connect to online games.

5. Tp Link

With three antennas and a speed of 300 mp / s, the speed is faster and interrupts are limited by this router. One-way wireless security encryption will also keep you safe while playing. And with added security, you do not have to worry that others can get into your network, which will slow you down when playing online.

4. TP Link Archer

The next generation wi fi is here. 2.4 GHz, three removable antennas and USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports allow you to connect and play at the fastest speeds. For the ultimate gamer who does not want interruptions, this is an excellent router that should be considered for the fast dark online games that you play the most.


3. D Link Wireless

The advanced broadband broadband broadband access 1900 system works faster and can not be easily interrupted when others connect through your network, which Means that the speed won. , T is reduced. The dual-core processor also ensures that speed is achieved even during peak hours, so you do not experience interruptions, regardless of the time of day, or the types of games that you are connected to.

2. TP Link TL

Wireless N and up to 300 mpbs means fewer breaks or lag in speed for online games. With dual antennas, parental control functions and IP-based bandwidth, you never have to worry that another computer or wireless network in the nearby range slows you down if you like playing other games and playing at peak hours of the day.]

] 1. Rav Power

For the ultimate player who travels, this wireless handheld gaming router is the perfect solution, so you can play anywhere. It instantly converts to any wired configuration and works with almost any device that you own. It will connect via a hotspot or a local Wi-Fi network, which means that you are responsible for speed and decide which network to use to ensure the maximum speed when you play online games.

For those who like fast speed, do not want to deal with interruptions or time delays, and love to play streaming games online, the right router will go a long way. These are some of the best options, and they are more affordable than many routers, which will allow you to play more, play faster and not experience interruptions with some wired routers.

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