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Top 10 best wireless security cameras 2017

Wireless technologies are now used for almost everyone, including wireless security cameras. Being wireless, security cameras are easily installed, especially in places where the wires are not convenient or, possibly, impossible. Wireless HD cameras do not require a lot of bandwidth for the video stream, so the data transfer speed is not a concern. Wireless cameras work perfectly and reliably.

The main problem of these cameras is the quality of the stream. In low-cost models, low-quality cameras are used that have low resolution and seem a bit lagging behind. Although this means that the output video files are smaller and easier to store, there are some inconveniences caused by poor image quality. Cameras with higher resolution generate large files. This means that you can get a more detailed record, but you need more memory. A camera with a higher resolution is usually more expensive. But for this additional cost, in addition to a higher resolution, they are often supplied with an infrared sensor or motion sensors.

Of all the available models on the market, we have chosen 10 that offer a good combination between pricing and video quality. Also in some cases, kits made from multiple cameras seem to offer a much better deal. Without further ado, here are the top 10 best wireless security cameras in the 2017 review.


9. PHYLINK PLC-128PW 720P HD Covert IP camera, wireless mini camera for spy cameras, Wi-Fi, POE, built-in micro SD card slot, motion detection, E-mail notification, free iOS / Android applications, PC and Mac

PHYLINK is not a traditional surveillance camera. It was made so small that it could be hidden with great ease. It has a 720p camera capable of capturing high-quality video streams. It supports conventional Wi-Fi networks and comes with a 26-foot power cable. The model even has a built-in Micro SD card slot, which can be used to store video materials.

Like all other cameras, it is accessible via wireless networks directly in the browser. It even has an application for smartphones that works on iOS and Android devices.

8. FunluxВ® Mini WiFi 720P HD & # 8211, Wireless Surveillance Camera & # 8211, Two Way Home Security Audio System & # 8211, 115 Degrees Wide Viewing Angle & # 8211, Plug & amp; Play

Funlux Mini is another compact surveillance camera that provides a high-quality video stream and offers several monitoring tools. It has its own application, which can be installed on Android and iOS devices. Its camera sensor offers 720p video streams.

What distinguishes a camera is that it has a wide viewing angle of 115 degrees. In addition, being so small, it is very easy to place it anywhere throughout the house.

7. The smallest security camera for the home camera of the wireless camera / w Night vision

The JMC surveillance system is an excellent wireless camera for those who need something new, Something inconspicuous and simple to install. It’s a little bigger than the thumb of the thumb. The disadvantage of online is the fact that the quality of the video is not so large compared to other models. What he has is an extremely small form factor and low price.

As expected, this is a wireless camera and does not have a microphone. A little plus is the fact that it works with batteries or with the AC adapter included in the kit.

6. MiSafes WiFi Baby Pet Video monitors 1280x720p Wireless security camera HD Remote Home Surveillance Internal cameras with two-way audio for iPad iPhone Android Samsung Sony LG (white)

] Misafes Wireless Intelligent Camera This is an excellent option for those who need to improve their home security. The model has a modern and stylish design with a small camera 720p, which provides a crystal clear image.

As with other worthy models, it has its own Android application and iOS, which can be used to control the camera. It is compatible with conventional Wi-Fi networks, and it is fairly easy to install and configure. The model also has a built-in microphone, which allows you to record audio in frames.

5. AGPtek HD video Mega pixels Wireless internal video surveillance system IR protection WIFI IP network Nightvision IR-Cut camera compatible with PC iPhone iPad iPad Tablet, (1280 x 720p) Digital zoom, plug and play Work, pan / tilt, two-way audio, Night Vision, Motion Detection & # 8211, Black / White AGPtek HD Wireless Indoor Camera

AGPtek HD wireless camera is one of premium products Class, which uses and advanced 720p sensor for capturing high-quality video streams. The model can be controlled using a simple web browser or smartphone. It has its own special application. As expected, it can be connected to a normal home wireless network.

One of its additional functions is the night vision mode, which can be used to capture clear frames even if there is no light in the room. It can also remotely and pan and tilt with the application.

4. Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System & # 8211, 2 HD, 100% wireless, indoor / outdoor night vision cameras (VMS3230) from NETGEAR

Arlo offers high-quality products that may seem expensive, but the quality of their video surveillance systems is difficult to compare. Their system includes two small HD cameras that can stream video streams in real time over a wireless network to their special application for smartphones or to a computer via a web browser. Frames can be saved on a networked drive.

The model is quite simple to install, install and operate with batteries, if required. Given the fact that they have a compact form factor and can work completely wirelessly, they make them extremely mobile and easily installed anywhere in the home.

3. Aurosports Mini HD 720P Wireless wireless IP camera with IP camera protection with infrared night vision / built-in speaker support 32 GB (memory card not included)

Aurosports is one of the most affordable cameras that offer 720p video channels. The model can be used for monitoring or surveillance and can capture sound channels. You can save the video in a recording attached to the network.

A useful feature is the infrared night vision sensor, which can record frames even in the total absence of light. The model also includes a motion sensor, which can be configured through a smartphone application or in a browser. For video storage purposes, the model also has a memory card slot.

2. D-Link Day & amp; Night Wireless Camera with Remote View (DCS-932L)

Wireless surveillance cameras D-Link is a great option For those who need something packed with features, cheap and compact. The model can be connected to a wireless home network, and if it has access to the Internet, it can even be obtained from devices that are outside the network.

The model offers 720p video streams and audio recordings. Its only downside is the fact that it does not have write functions, but there are third-party applications that can solve this problem.

1. Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P (1920TVL) WiFi IP Security Camera, Black

Wireless Camera Amcrest ProHD is one of the few CCTV cameras Full HD. The model offers high-quality video streams with audio recordings. It can be connected to a normal wireless home network and supports a micro SD card for video storage. The model can also use network storage to store frames.

Like any kind of surveillance camera, it has its own application for Android and iOS smartphones, as well as dedicated PC software. The model includes advanced features, such as sending screenshots via e-mail and remote control of pan and tilt.

Surveillance cameras can be extremely different from each other. The basic functions remain unchanged, and they all have wireless communication and can be remotely controlled via the Internet.

More expensive cameras have additional features, such as recording footage, night vision, motion sensors and several other benefits. These additional functions may not be important for some people. Perhaps the size of the camera is the most important aspect. Our selection includes models from all categories that should make it easier for you to find the best model for you.

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