Top 10 popular colors for Hollywood stars in 2014

Hair is usually a very important and valuable function for most people. And, speaking of people, celebrities are the very people who appreciate their hair, probably because of public attention. They are the most popular and most discussed. For this, they are usually very interested in their appearance, including hair. Some will have a unique hairstyle, while others will move from one style to another. Others are known for their default hair color. Nevertheless, there are the best Hollywood stars who had a popular hair color for hair in 2014. Here is a list of ten popular colors for Hollywood stars in 2014,


1, Bleached

Anne Hathaway new bleached hair gives it a very elegant look. She is better known for dark black hair, it’s long enough. But she had an excellent harvest, which elegantly represents a new color. Her white skin is also very different color of hair. This species tends to be the color of platinum hair of 2014.

2. Cool-toned Tips with Dark Roots

This hair color was seen on Michelle Williams, the actress is also a fan of blonde hair. This hair color is best for short hair. It is best suited for lighter skin, as the surface will have a cool tone and a little dark in the roots.

3. Pale blonde with traces of honey

Margot Robbie, actress “The Wolf of Wall Street” appeared in a pale blond color with honey hints. This corresponds to a beautiful lipstick, which is fairly light, ideally – pink lipstick. A bright dress will also accentuate the color more.

4. Super Blonde

Gwyneth Paltrow looked awesome with a super blonde who had some ease and depth to make her even more elegant. It fits well with a light skin tone, and it is also great for long hair, especially for those who fall to the shoulders.

5. Light Aurburn

It is also called Rose Gold, according to the trend of hair color of 2014, and Jessica Chestane proved to be more elegant with her. Her middle hinded hair emphasized the color of her hair even more, that it corresponded to a black dress.

6. Orange-red

Rachel McAdams showed how elegant orange-red can appear with long hair. Without a special hairstyle, but long, well-combed hair, the orange-red color is the color for long and loose hair.

7. Deep Hue

This is Monochro Matic Brown in 2014, and Zoya Saldana looked super elegant with a deeper color. Combined with a black dress, he proved how brilliant hair color can appear. A deep shade will look great with the dark skin tone.

8. Dark chocolate

This is another wonderful color that several people put on their hair, but the supermodel, Coco Rocha, showed how elegant the color of dark chocolate can appear with a light skin tone. It fits well with a summer colored dress or blouse.

9. Black

Some people prefer bright hair colors, while others prefer to adhere to the original color, or rather, the very color of the hair by default. Cutty Perry decided to stick to the natural color of her hair and looked elegant with a touch of black hair. It showed Perry very beautifully, with gray eyes.

10. Ombre

It was like the most common color among celebrities in Hollywood in 2014. Several celebrities went to the color Ombre. It looks almost like a blonde, which has darker roots and fading threads. Among the celebrities who were seen with color, include Keith Mara, DeLevinge’s Care and the star of the TV show “Reality”, Kim Kardashian West. The color looks great with long hair, especially shoulder long hair, but they are not so elegant with a pony tail.

With these hairstyles seen with celebrities in 2014, some of them are new, while others exist, but have a new style or new definition. What makes this color a point of focus is that most of them not all of these celebrities were known with a different hair color. But their new appearance makes them even more elegant and attractive. If you want to go for the same hair color, always ask a hair care specialist if it suits you or not, before you die your hair.

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